Give your artists the care, attention to detail and hassle free experience they need when performing or on tour with our world class Artist Liaison service. We work with some of the most globally celebrated artists, agents, managers and promoters to ensure every performer is fully taken care of.

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Creating your account only takes 1 minute, but will save you HOURS of time and many headaches. We will work with you to ensure you and your team have the best experience possible.

We will look after your artist on the road or in the air, at a Festival or in a club. Allowing you more time to focus on bookings.

  • Advancing

    Preparation peace of mind. Ensure your team has all questions answered and everything needed at every step of the way. From production/hospitality riders to any other requirements, we make sure you are covered, prepared and ready for action!

  • Artist Liaison

    It's just as important for performers to enjoy themselves as the fans. We work with you to provide a comfortable, appropriate environment, allowing your team to have the best possible experience without any headaches.

  • Stage Management

    From technical DJ setups to Rock events with multiple changeovers and risers, our stage management have the experience, knowledge and track record to make sure your performance runs smooth. With all teams working from the same information, we deliver seamless, professional service every time.

  • Touring Services

    We currently tour globally with some of the most celebrated artists, partnering with only the most meticulous Tour Managers with a proven track record. Having spent a long time on the road, we know what is required to run a successful tour. It would be a pleasure to add you to our client list, so please get in touch!

Get taken care of from the moment you're advanced to the second you're delivered back to the airport.

About Us

For over 20 years we have provided various levels of artist liaison services around the globe.
With a wealth of experience and expertise we can cover every element of your artist's requirements, from their transportation through to sourcing even the most challenging of dressing room riders.

We are no strangers to unusual requests from importing specific brands of food and furniture, to changing the door locks in a particular venue to comply with the artist rider and contract.

This is what some of our clients have to say about us.


Choose Us?

An excellent level of artist liaison is vital at festivals; we can provide this no matter how basic the facilities. In order to provide the best service every time we ensure that every detail is taken care – from the moment we advance the artist, to the second we deliver them to the airport the next day.

We have catered for every music genre in every size field that there is! Although a venue may already have dressing rooms and facilities listed, these may not be up to the standard that your artist requires. We are able to adapt and improve any dressing room or backstage area at any venue to meet the highest of standards.

Most Popular Services

  • Artist Liaison
  • Artist Hospitality
  • Artist Technical Advance
  • Artist Accommodation 
  • Artist Travel (commercial and private)
  • Tour Management
  • Production Management
  • Backline Supply
  • Stage and Site Management
  • Cargo

What Clients And Staff Say

It's all in the name! After 15 years of working in the events industry, if I need stage management, artist tec and dressing room riders sorted, artist liaison, comms, ground and air transfers or anything else that "Artists Need" I always use the professional services and skilled staff of the Artist Needs Group.

Tour Manager

I've known Matt Cheshire and his brother Rob Cheshire for a couple of years now, and Artist Needs Ltd is one of the most hard working and customer service focussed companies that I've ever come across. They will always go the extra mile to provide a solution for you, whether it's a private charter flight to several different countries/cities, or a schedule of events and service menu to keep things running smoothly at a major festival. They do great work, and work very hard, so I'm always happy to recommend Artist Needs Ltd to anyone and everyone!


As Artist Needs are the market-leader for Artist Liaison services we are really excited to be working with them on our festivals year-on-year. They provide an outstanding service with impeccable professionalism, elegance and class. They perfectly delivered all of our artist related operations onsite and also took care of the pre-event artist advancing and contracting. We would highly recommend them to any festival or event organiser that would seriously like to keep their artists happy, a small price to pay for such a good effort and service.

Festival Organiser

Professional, firendly, efficient, attentive & high class service offered at all times we have dealt with the Needs Group, highly recommended

Event Agency & Promoter

I cannot rave enough about the sheer quality of this company. Having the pleasure to work for this company, the whole ethos of inclusion and excellence sets this company apart from any other. The ability to use the teams strengths to pull off a smooth running show is an art yet to be perfected by many other organisations, yet is seamless and effortless with this one.

Artist Management

Nothing too much trouble for these guys....always a trouble free experience...if you want to arrive in style in a Jet, chopper or rocket ship then hook up with ARTISTS NEEDS.


Brilliant team of staff, loved every second of working with them during festival season this summer. They are all extremely professional at what they do and taught me so much. I had the best experience with them and would love to have many more in the future!

Artist Liaison Team


Advancing Services

The compilation of advance information is vitally important to all parties. We take advancing seriously and make it our prerogative that everyone has access to all the information they need to make a show run smoothly for you, your artists and their tour management. We offer a single point of contact that will be available to answer any questions and supply correct information when it is needed.

We operate using a bespoke online advance form designed specifically to suit your event’s requirements. You can choose what you’d like to be included so that relevant information is gathered, collated and processed before anyone steps foot onto a festival site. Information is key and we ensure that everyone has access to information, whenever and however they need it.

Riders – We are able to process, order and distribute your complete rider needs. For hospitality riders, we’ll order the stock using our reputable suppliers, have it delivered straight to site and then sorted and allocated by our own Artist Liaison teams. For production riders, we will work closely with your production team to make certain that everyone has exactly what they require.

Male hand presents a contract document

Artist Liaison Services

The artist’s overall experience whilst onsite is crucial. Our Artist Liaison team are dedicated to making sure that the acts on stage have an equally pleasurable experience to those that are standing in the audience.

A comfortable and appropriate environment is key to a positive backstage experience. Artist Needs Ltd can transform and adapt any backstage area, irrespective of size or amenities. By utilising our Event Furniture Needs division with our dedicated backstage and dressing room team on hand, we can create great spaces for your artists to relax in before the show.

Artist Liaison

Stage Management Services

Our stage managers mean business. They’ve got the experience and technical expertise to deliver a great show every time. Our Stage Management and Artist Liaison teams work very closely together – both are involved in the advance process and work using a mutual artist information pack so that every aspect of each artist’s set is anticipated and runs as smoothly as possible.

All of our Stage Managers work closely with the Event Management team, noise consultants and local authorities to deliver the very best experience to all. From 12 hour Rock and Roll bands with multiple changeovers and risers, through to DJ’s with the most advanced technical set up - we've got it covered!


Touring Services

Our Tour Management and touring solutions are rapidly expanding. We currently tour globally with some of the most celebrated artists, partnering with only the most meticulous Tour Managers with a proven track record. Having spent a long time on the road, we know what is required to run a successful tour. We are able to work with artists at all levels and can plan according to any budget. The services we currently offer are listed below.

  • Tour Management
  • Tour Advancing
  • Backline Supply
  • Tour Bus and Splitter Hire
  • Backline Hire

Should you have any further requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@artistneeds.com



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